Artist Statement

I shoot slowly; I want my viewers to view slowly.

A scene, a landscape, a person is at first a sight, and then, after a wait, is a feeling. As one immerses in a scene and allows an expression to sink in, details and emotions emerge that were often not there when one first saw the frame.

I hope I can inspire you to discover that feeling.


Honourable Mention, Fine Art Landscape, IPA 2023

Honourable Mention in Portraiture category, and Nominations in Nature and Wildlife categories, Black and White Spider Awards, 2023 

Honourable Mention, Fine Art category, PX3  Paris, 2023

Honourable Mention in Fine Art & Nomination in Photojournalism, Black and White Spider Awards, 2022

International Artist of the Year, World Art Dubai, 2018

Honourable Mention, IPA New York, 2018

Four Honourable Mentions, PX3 Paris, 2017



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